Not Lost But Found

Tayrona Park, Santa Marta, Colombia

As traveling becomes more commoditized, we start to forget the power that travel possesses. While in our casket of false dreams, be known as a hotel room, we watching that numbing television show that each one of us has and we lose that time we work so hard for. The forgettable moments in the sterile hotel room we book two months in advance on some soul sucking tourist trap of a beach always looking at familiar sites. The horrid wall paper with the mosaic of different ships traversing that geometrically perfect room all while that person you convinced to accompany you on your escape complains of some unforeseen natural event interrupting your wonderful hiatus. That exotic land we strived so hard to visit becomes too much like home the same place we wish to escape if not for a moment.

The most enchanting aspect of traveling is the unfamiliarity, we forget that we can never desire for more if we never allow ourselves to be vulnerable to the more, to pursue it. The “more” exist outside what we already have so the only possible way to attain that “more” is to go outside ourselves. I guess what I’m saying is why not indulge in the local pleasures that possibly hold the keys to new loves, or at least the key to a love hotel.

Imagine living a life of surprises at every corner and new friends that don’t possess that cold and ruthless roasting ability that comes with years of friendship, for us more naturally introverted individuals it seems like lights years away but it’s possible. As we grew and became the people we are today we regularly perceived the world through child-like eyes, but this is the closest attitude to possess if we desire to live in a somewhat mystical world, that world that we thought was pure and benevolent as children. As a conscious species, we will forever be forced to question the spectrum of reality we live on and as we grow cultural norms become emblazoned in our minds making us feel in some way coldly robotic toward the world. Travel gives us the opportunity to step outside ourselves and experience an authentically different version of reality, it’s strange at first but with time it starts to become the realest endeavor.