Our Roots are not Evil

The human experience can only be exemplified by the life of a tree. The leafs of every tree return giving rise to a new generation of life that paints the Earth with rich shades of diversity and with ever new leaf  one thing remains constant. In order for trees of all shades to thrive; we must care for and nourish their roots. It may seem difficult to perceive the challenges of the towering trees above do to the degradation of the roots below; however we can’t deny the struggles they face.

As trees have roots, so do humans and they are facing problems in the United States.  With the rise of the omnipresent reaches of social media we are aware of every corner of our Planet, yet we remain oblivious to our region of cultural heritage. Many of our ancestors immigrated to the United States. Our roots extend so much further than so many of us like to acknowledge. This alienation from our past creates a void towards the realization that we all come from the same story. Not being aware our own stories could lead us to delusions of self or an identity crisis. The material collected on our searches won’t be our catalyst toward the sky; it won’t make us rain down with green; and it won’t give us anymore importance on this world, but it will nourish our roots making our own stories richer.

The most intrinsically rewarding method of collecting this material is through visiting the country of origin of our families. For those of us coming from developing countries with tragic pasts it seems difficult to have a sense of pride if all we know of these countries is through the lens of a privileged media; hopefully with firsthand experience the true beauty of these places will reveal themselves.  While living in a postmodern world has its advantages, we feel, as people, more alienated than ever before because these postmodern means of distraction have deluded us into ignoring or even shaming our roots. Since no one else will tend to our garden, let us challenge each other to discover our own roots because man will only be content when he discovers who he is.