5 Apps for solo travelers


The dream of solo travel is becoming more attainable with every passing year, but the time necessary to enjoy these trips are not, so let’s look into all the possible ways to hasten the awesome experiences that come with solo travel.

Technology has revolutionized the way we travel. From airline apps to offline maps, there are several applications that can help your trip run smoother with the little time you have and even make a few friends.

My personal favorites:


Maps.Me is an offline map. The map works by people marking businesses and services that would be useful for everyday people such as banks, hotels, restaurants, and etc. Download the map of the region first to use it and depending on the amount of information on the first map a second may be needed. The user’s location is visible from the app as long as a Sim card is in the phone and a GPS function is also available. 


Couchsurfing is one of the most useful apps for solo travelers that want to enjoy the company of the locals. The hardest part about solo travel is that fact you are along, but by announcing to the world of your plans this problem can be solved and this website is the perfect platform for it. Along with friendly locals, there are even event postings where people post parties and meetups. 

3. Tinder

Really? Tinder? Yes, really.  There couldn’t be a better way to plan a preëmptive strike on a city’s dating scene. While using tinder, the option to changing the desired search area is available,  and if you plan on changing cities as most backpackers do often then it isn’t a bad idea to plan for the upcoming city. You can even have a date on the same day you arrive making it that much easier to make new friends and learn about a new culture. 

4. Workaway.org

Ever what to volunteer for a school or teach a family English? Then Workaway is for you. Workaway is a website that connects travelers with people in need of more help on projects or just wants to learn a new language. It’s almost like a job search website but for volunteers. There are plenty of short-term gigs making it an alternative way to immerse yourself quicker. 

5. Facebook groups

Normally, big cities always have something going on whether it is a concert or a party, but you can usually find everything on a Facebook group. There usually are groups for people interested in meeting foreigners, and if you want, you can always make your own group.

…….So you’re a solo traveler, but don’t have the time then these apps will definitely help.



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